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Body Map Journeys



The location will be at "THE RISING SUN" backspace 
which is located at Activating Health at 10330 Yonge street

I began compiling body maps in 2006. Fed up with so many systems claiming to have cures and solutions, I sat down at my desk one day and put the outline of a figure in front of me. I then asked to be shown how energy works with the body and mind in order to bring us health, happiness and solutions to our negative and stuck patterns of behaviour. I intuitively began to pick up coloured markers and draw designs on the page. As I did so I felt a transformative experience happening in my own body and a guided direction to certain essences, gems and readings. Working with my Body Map guidance on a daily basis and using them with my clients I began to see an ordered and intelligent process of healing unfold. It was like "plugging in" to my own higher self and shifting from the mental to the wisdom within me. A group of my clients agreed to do a workshop to see if they could do Body Mapping in a similar way. To my amazement and their surprise, they all tapped into this quantum field of information easily and got affirmation as to what they wanted to know.

I believe many symbols that I have acquired through my Body Mapping date back thousands of years and represent a transformational, alchemical process that works with the body and mind as a conduit. These shapes, waves, fractals, circles, lines and dots go right down to the cellular level and help us heal by waking up intelligence and communication from the brain to disconnected parts that are not functioning in a healthy way. We actually develop receptors, ( I call them Y-receptors ) to Universal Energy as it is broken down into its many colours from White Light. Two colours that play a very significant role in making changes in our health are Pink and Green. Pink is the energy of Absolute Love or Divine Mother and Green is the energy of One-ness in all living beings.

Eventually our disease or ailments become the springboard for a journey back to the root cause such as an earlier illness, trauma or event that set the body in a downward spiral. The last phase, phase 4 or my body map system takes you into a resolution and release of past traumas. As the past changes, the present takes on an new light. Together with other modalities such as homeopathic remedies, flower essences, oils, and body-mind interaction, my clients find less sensitivities, more confidence, more energy, less depression and less chronic problems. Body Mapping can become a daily or weekly practice, like meditation to give you insight and destress you from overloading the mind. I have found that the direction of all body maps is to bring you to the heart.

With heart-centered or soulful consciousness we start relating to ourselves and others with different eyes/ I's

The sensuous eye is a horse
The Light of God is the rider
Without the rider the horse is useless.

~ Rumi

Grettal uses Body Mapping in conjunction with other modalities in her practice. She also gives workshops, weekly tutorials and practitioner training sessions.