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Opening Energy Flow at the Quantum Level
And Charting A Path To Healing

A Two Part Work Shop With Grettal

Medical Intuitive, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Homeopathic Practitioner, Energy Medicine Healer

Part 1: Saturday May 10, 2014 11:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
The Double Helix of Love and Acceptance: an attunement wave of transformation and healing.
Creating Your Personal Body Map: a holographic window to healing.
Find out what each colour means in the Body Mapping System and experience guidance for your specific healing vibrations through crystals, homeopathics and essences.
A hands-on instruction to Grettal’s Vibrational Balancing, Grounding and Releasing

Part 2: Saturday May 17, 2014 11:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
From The Spine To The Divine – A way of overcoming fear and releasing disease patterns
Bringing down Universal Atomic Gold and Silver, powerful healing frequencies for cellular repair and cleansing

Registration Fee: $340.00 Deadline: Friday April 18, 2014
*Please bring: coloured markers, a journal, lunch/snacks/water, comfortable clothes






flower         Energy Medicine: Course Description

  • Discover the wealth of knowledge for healing with Flowers, Herbs and Gems

  • Learn the system for healing Grettal has created through the combined wisdom of body work and ten years of guided teachings

  • Become an Energy Medicine Practitioner to treat and heal trauma, auto-immune diseases, fatigue, and many imbalances and disorders

  • Learn the unique protocol of Grettal’s “Coming Home To The Heart” for releasing blocks

  • Cleansing toxins and identifying and releasing bacteria, parasites and viruses

  • Learn to “read disease and receive healing information through Body Maps, a process involving body, mind and soul dynamics
Email me for upcoming datesr.

Call 416-550-6148 or 905-770-1340




Flow…Be in your body…breathe…soften…notice the places of tension and ease.

Learn postures using breath and movement to free up stuck energy and toxins.

Walk a labyrinth to access wisdom and healing.

Grettal will take you step by step through this healing process with demonstrations and specific dialogue.

When: TBA

Where: The Rising Sun Boutique (Workshop Area) 10330 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

Instructor: Grettal Gantwerger B.A.

CranioSacral Therapist; Body-Mind Healing Facilitator; Energy Medicine Therapist

To reserve a space please call Lesly or Grettal at 905-770-1340

Ø Suggested reading: The Twelve Stages of Healing by Donald Epstein, D.C. (available at The Rising Sun Boutique)

Ø Loose clothing for your comfort

Ø Bring a mat, blanket, water and notepad




    Body - Breath - Touch- Movement - Sound- Healing

Somato Respiratory Integration S.R.I. (developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, D.C. incorporating the spinal wave and neural integrity) is about feeling and amplifying parts of ourselves that have been diminished or shut down because of fear, personal beliefs, or traumatic experiences. Healing is about embracing and welcoming these parts back.

It is about allowing these parts to give us the feelings and information it contains so that we are not investing ourselves in suppressing and denying all that we are. Our pain and our symptoms remind us of how our body alerts us to the true needs of our spirit.

By touching and breathing into areas of your body you are waking up and bringing them to your brain’s attention. You are also showing compassion to yourself.

When a rhythm is set in motion it will express where you are with a certain part: Suffering, Polarity, Stuck, Reclaiming Power, Merging… . There are 12 rhythms but just getting into the first two or three is enough to make a powerful difference.

SRI can be done on a daily basis, alone, with a partner or in a group. It can be a way of monitoring and assisting your healing progress by going inside. Life expresses what you repress. As you change your inner dynamics, life will change for you.


  • how to facilitate yourself in your healing journey
  • how to get past helpless and hopeless feelings
  • connect to suppressed energies
  • to change old perspectives
  • to feel our divine essence and inner peace
  • what is behind the pain you feel

Contact Grettal for more details.